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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Awake Podcast

There are many ways for us, fans, to express our ideas about a certain show. Podcasts are among my favorite. No, I don't podcast, but I know of two very good podcasters that podcast about "Awake". They are "The Awake Podcast" and can be found on iTunes or at The two hosts have 2 previous podcasts of experience (both which got cancelled after 1 season- Flash Foreword and The Event). They are on Twitter @AwakePodcast and Facebook "The Awake Podcast".

The other great part about this podcast, is that I have my own section where I e-mail in thoughts and theories. Every once in a while, I will include one of the theories that you guys sent in, to e-mail to the podcast.

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For more information on this podcast, go to > Podcasts > Shows Currently Airing on TV > The Awake Podcast.

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of Life on Mars (UK version) but like The event and Flash Forward this will likely not last more than a season.

    It seems well acted and written but the primetime audience has changed too much for these types of shows. Granted I may be a bit jaded.