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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jacob's Ladder Pre-Episode 1

So as some of you may know, I have a section on The Awake Podcast where I e-mail in my thoughts and theories. A lot of this is in reply to previous podcasts, so make sure that you have listened to their first podcast.


Quick Thoughts
  • Really excited for this, very excited that networks are doing their best to keep shallow comedies and sallow reality shows from running the TV market.
  • If the show is anything like the trailer, I have a really good reason to be excited.
  • Reply to Gab's comment that he will have problems with having no sleep. I think that when he is in his other reality, his body is recharging in sleep. I think you were implying that he will be using the same body in both realities, when I think that he will be using two bodies, but his conscious switches realities.
Yes I do have a theory already. So, what if his son and his wife didn't die, but him? He is just experiencing these alternate realities in the afterlife, and his mind is creating a physical look and feel to it for him to better understand it (Inception anyone). This theory, after a bit of research, is quite a popular theory. I really do hope that my theory is not right for the sake of the story line. It also contradicts all of my other thoughts on this subject.
1. How will the network treat this "The Event" and "Flash Forward" type show?
2. What are the rules for the reality switching? What happens if he takes an afternoon nap or get woken up in the middle of the night for the same emergency in both realities.
Final Note
Time will tell. Although we could go on and on based on what the trailer gives us, we do need time to sleep. The wait to March will be very long, still no premiere date though. Time will also tell if Dave's "breath of death" is still lethal.


You can hear Maz and Gab (the hosts of The Awake Podcast) read and discuss this on this week's podcast of The Awake Podcast on iTunes and

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