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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why You Should Be Excited for Awake: Part 3

Massive Anticipation

Awake, its trailer, and its concept are going crazy on the internet. I have been trying to contact most of them, mostly because of this post here. I have taken their tweets and reviews of the pilot, and even reflections of the trailer.

On Twitter
  • "The slow reveal of the storyline is amazing", "You're going to want to watch to see how the parallels and differences between the two stories/worlds/universes and how the story unfolds" @TravelingHeidi
  • "It's phenomenal. Best show I've seen in a while!" @NormandyCoast
  • "Loved the pilot" "It's one of the best pilots I've ever watched" @ snickrz
  • "I was really impressed which doesn't happen often with network TV anymore to be honest" @ShadowDogProd
  • "It's fantastic!" "It's my favorite midseason pilot." @MattlGN
For all of you who have seen the pilot and/or are very excited for Awake please comment and tell us why you liked/ are so excited for Awake.

I would also like for everybody to check out The creator of that website has sent me an invitation to be a writer there. Here is a link to my first two posts.


  1. I am excited for Awake for many reasons, but my main reason is that I'm interested in seeing how the two realities work together. When you really think about it, the writers for Awake can really hit gold here.

  2. Our family saw the pilot while vacationing at Universal Studios and we were all blown away with what great show this is: moving, suspenseful and intelligent without being pretentious.

    We didn't know anything about it before viewing the pilot. We didn't even know what network produced it. They asked us to guess the network, and my initial thought was HBO because the quality was so much better than most TV (sorry NBC if that is a backhanded compliment!). We have been looking forward to this show ever since I came across a story on mid-season replacements last summer and I recognize the show (it had a different title when we saw it). I am sure critics will rave. Based upon my family, so will audiences if given a real chance.

  3. Blaine, Thanks for the comment and your two cents on the pilot. I, however, have not seen the pilot, although it has been getting great reviews. I am still waiting to find a bad review on it! And. By the way, Awake was formerly named "REM".