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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Advertiser of the Week Project

As most of you may know, advertisers are the #1 factor in a show's future. If advertisers hadn't paid to advertise during Awake it wouldn't be on TV. Why don't we take that fact and show the companies who pay NBC to advertise during Awake how much we appreciate them keeping the show on air. They are solely the reason that Awake even exists! Each week, I will pick out an "Advertiser of the Week" and on the Thursday of that week, we will tweet them, buy from them, and show them that we are out there and that we appreciate what they are doing.

When we are tweeting them, be sure to thank them for advertising on Awake and that you bought their product since they advertised. When tweeting them use the hashtag #AwakeAdvertiser. This is important! By using the same hashtag, we can be tracked by the companies and NBC much easier.

For this week, our "Advertiser of the Week" is Campbell's Soup. On Thursday night, go on to Twitter and tweet @CampbellSoupCo using the hashtag #AwakeAdvertiser. And don't just retweet other's tweets to @CampbellSoupCo, they aren't counted as much as a personally written tweet. Hopefully, we can get the attention of our advertisers and let them know that they are appreciated!

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