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Friday, March 16, 2012

Support Awake by Voting!

In order for Awake to get a 2nd season, there needs to be a lot of viewers. That's a given. Two ways networks can do this is to keep current viewers watching, and get new viewers. Getting new viewers can cost a lot for networks, though. If we, the fans, can give the show something to stand on, people will give it a chance and watch it. That's where this tournament comes in. has had a "Spring Madness Tournament" along with the NCAA March Madness Tournament, but the competitions are between TV shows. The show with more votes goes onto the next round.

This week, Awake is going up against Sons of Anarchy from the FX. Also this week, FX tweeted and told their followers to vote for Sons of Anarchy. That brought a 48%-52% competition to a 18%-82% competition. That one tweet by the FX really changed a LOT. If we can get NBC to indirectly advertise for the show by tweeting to tell its fans to vote for Awake, it will take the first round. NBC won't know though, if they don't know about it. If we all tweet them (@NBC) to ask them to give the vote a shout-out, they will probably retweet it. They have nothing to lose. Be sure to use the hashtag #Awake, use the hashtag #BFSpringMadness, and be polite. And don't just stop at NBC, see if any high-up fans, actors, and writers will retweet you too.

To vote, yourself, go to the BuzzFocus 2nd Annual Spring Madness Tournament and vote on every computer and browser you have.

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